Bacgroud and aims

Background 1: Confronting competition from the rise of emerging nations

In this globalized era, developing the market in emerging countries is essential for rebuilding the Japanese economy. However, it is hard to say these efforts are sufficient. For this reason, people who can play a role in enhancing Japan’s international competitive power are needed.

Background 2: Solving the problem of “blank time” in coursework

In our current educational system, graduation and degree completion is often unnecessarily prolonged. Furthermore, students who must conduct job-hunting activities are put at a disadvantage because they are distracted from their studies. This “blank time” in coursework has now become a concerning issue in Japan.

Aims of ASIP

To tackle the aforementioned issues, the University of Tsukuba has newly established an “Area Studies Innovation Program (ASIP)”. ASIP is an intensive five-year combined bachelor’s and master’s program in which students are required to take one year to study abroad in developing countries and simultaneously conduct internship programs.

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