Bachelor’s Degree (three and a half years)

Students will acquire a total 140 to 145 credits from the curricula as written below (ASIP cooperating staff will work with students as academic advisors while students write their graduation thesis):

  • 124 to 126 credits from existent curricula.
  • 24 to 26 credits from ASIP related curriculum subjects.
    (Three from ASIP seminars, three from local language courses, four to six from intensive level local language courses, eight from ASIP specialized subjects, and six from the graduate thesis.)

Master’s Degree (one and a half years)

Complete the following to acquire 30 credits (you must also complete a compulsory master’s thesis):

  • Subjects from the master’s program in International Area Studies.(Includes ten credits from the master’s course classes during the fourth year.)
  • Acquire ten or more credits from the partner universities abroad.
    (Two credits from tutorial classes in partner universities, ten from master’s course classes at the partner universities, one to three from internships, one from SEND activity.)
  • Project seminar: three credits
  • Master’s thesis
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